What we do: The St. Vincent’s motto is ‘opening the doors to change’. In other words, we enable our clients to confidently transition between the known and the unknown. 

Why we do it: We believe it is important to evolve public sector services through effective digital transformation. Our drive is to protect patients and improve user experience; deploy ‘useful, usable and used’* technology; and achieve real, tangible efficiencies. 

How we do it: We deliver services by adhering to the values of EMPATHY, POSITIVITY, URGENCY, CREATIVITY, HUMILITY, BELIEF AND INTEGRITY. These values are consciously and consistently engrained in our approach. Additionally, our consultants all have a proven ability in their fields with a strong track record of success. This is why our clients trust us to open the doors to change. 

Love Brand

We strongly believe in embedding our values and positivity from the top down. Our ‘love brand’ plays a big part in this. We continually take feedback and suggestions from our employees, consultants, clients and wider network and use this information to ensure they love working with / for St. Vincent’s! Nurturing a supportive, positive and motivated environment is an important part of our culture.

St. Vincent’s Client’s
What makes St. Vincent’s different is that we really enjoy what we do, and we do it with integrity. Some of the tangible ways in which you will experience our love brand are as follows:

  • Personalised cards – to express our gratitude
  • Harmonious relationships with our clients – we put their needs first
  • Always on hand and available to help
  • Friendly enthusiastic consultants who are happy to be at work
  • Agile and real sense of urgency
  • Can be trusted to do the job well and to be flexible to the needs of our clients – for an example of this please see our technical go-live case study

St. Vincent’s Team
We reward every St. Vincent’s employee for their hard work. They know they are trusted and valued. Over and above financial incentives we offer a range of additional benefits like perk boxes, flexible working, evening meals for those working late and personal days (extra annual leave so that statutory holidays can be used for fun or leisure rather than dentist appointments or MOTs). Our values are reflected in all our consultants (an achievement that we consistently cultivate and strengthen). Therefore, we are happy to recognise the great people that represent the St. Vincent’s brand so well. Furthermore, we are confident that the resulting enthusiasm for the brand shines through in all customer engagements.


From the outset we have strived to make a real difference. Led by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust back in 2008, we successfully provided cancer MDT software to the entire West London Cancer Network. We then won an EHI award (now Digital Health) for an IOCOM solution used for a 24/7 Stroke Thrombolysis project with The East of England Strategic Health Authority. The first three hours after a stroke are the most critical in reducing brain damage. This product advised clinicians whether to thrombolyse or not and therefore made a huge impact on the survival and recovery of patients.

Today we offer a range of services to NHS organisations and other public and private sector customers. This includes information and IT strategy development, IT technical and management support, systems implementation and integration and programme and project management. St.V blend in-house resources with a well-established and experienced network of associates and work alongside sister company SceneOne Search and Selection (SceneOne) to enable access to the broadest range of skills and resources. 

Find out more about our current services.

*Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, extract from his NHS Expo speech 2018

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